• SS 200 series

      The 200 series grades contain Chromium 15.5%-19%, Nickel up to 2.0% along with appropriate combination of Manganese, Copper & Nitrogen. We produce a variety of grades within 200 series based on end-users requirements.

      200 series grades have Austenitic structure in annealed condition at ambient temperature.

      200 Series grade has multi-facet applications in numerous areas. In the Catering & Food Processing industry,

      200 Series Stainless Steel has topped as the 'material-of-choice' for its good weld ability and corrosion resistance qualities & can be seen used extensively across Utensils, Tableware, Cutlery, kitchen equipment, LPG Stove, Cookware, Pressure cookers, Water filters, Water & Beverage dispensers, In-house water tanks, Flasks, Milk cans, pipe manufacturer etc.